What to do while waiting…

So I really thought after Tuesday this gal would’ve been here by now.  I woke up Tuesday and just KNEW that day was THE DAY.  Funny thing about kids, they have their own agenda don’t they?  I canceled every remaining class I had to teach for the entire week and was packing my bag by 5AM that morning.

WAMP, WAMP.  I’m still here.  But, very glad I am no longer hopping on a bike… or hopping on anything for that matter.  Gentry NEVER progressed and this one is primed and ready.  No more details needed.

Gentry and I always spend probably entirely too much QT together, but these past few days we really have been.  I’ve been able to meet up with friends, run errands… well, run errands with a two year old for about as much as that’s worth, make your hubby and daughter suffer through core workouts your classes should be doing




Poor Justin calls all my cooking a tease, since it immediately goes into the freezer for post-baby days.

Since life is just the waiting game at this point, thought I’d share some recipes in case you wanted to try.  I assure you baby will be here by August 20th and the constant baking and Instagram foodie photos will stop.  I can’t guarantee that anything better will go in it’s place except for TWO cute kiddos.

Tomato, Squash and Red Pepper Gratin


Black Bean and Brown Rice Burger


Chicken Eggplant Lasagna

Crispy Kale and Pumpkin Balls


Now let’s play the guessing game…

When will this baby appear and what will her name be?!

We’ve told Gentry the name, and anyone who is able to get it out of her (and understand it) is able to know.  You should see my mother-in-law and mom trying to crack G’s code.  She’s a tough one though!

Hope to be back with a newborn pic!


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