Been consumed with this lately


so thought I’d touch on this today


I have my last half of the spring next weekend- The Race 13.1 Richmond Race.  Not too late to sign up HERE!

In honor of this last attempt, I thought I’d hit on some of my favorite running gear.

#1 My Garmin


I admit, I tell clients to go by feeling on some runs, but I just can’t.  I’m a numbers girl.  One day!

#2 Running Skirts


My fave- lululemon’s track skirt

#3 Newtons


I’m currently running in the Gravitys.  I’ve been a Newton girl for 2 years.  Many stores are doing away with this line (at least around here) because they’re such a niche group of people that buy them.  So, go buy them please!

#4  Compression socks!


I run every race in these, and didn’t do it for the Monument 10K this year.  I was in a world of hurt the next day.  I recently received a pair courtesy of Champion CSX.  I was hesistant to use them because of my love for ProCompression and their fun designs.  I have to admit, I dig CSX (and not just because I got a complimentary pair).  I noticed they aren’t just one tight sock all over, but that it was tight where it needed to be.  Anyone ever have numb toes after wearing most compressions socks?

So, why should you wear compressions?

Well, for me, I notice a considerable difference in my running when I wear them.  Is it a placebo effect?  Who knows.  I’m on team compression.

The theory behind it is if increased venous blood flow can occur, more by-products that are transported by the blood can be flushed out and cleared better. So, get rid of fatigue causing products and voila, better performance.

Here is a great video from CSX’s website

And, check out this article for more insight.

My only complaint- would love more patterns!

Maybe that’s to come!

Whether they work for you or not, I am happy to provide a discount code to all my readers for a pair of Champion CSX Compression Sock.

15% Off Discount Code: MOMSTRONG2015
Valid Until: May 31, 2015

Do you wear compression socks?
What’s your favorite race gear?

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