Soybu Mother’s Day Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some unique yoga clothing from Soybu.

Check out this 3 minute video about them.  Three things from this video

1.  Yes, you want the white pant girls’ derriere.  Snag and pair and you will!

2.  The yoga poses about 2 minutes in… I can only dream about ever getting my body into those positions.

3.  Love their story- finding THAT PANT that makes you feel as confident as you should.

I tried out the Lona Crop Amaryllis,


the Taylor Hoodie

Actually glad Justin cut my head out #bedhead

and the Graphic Tee Boardwalk.


Horrible lighting, but you get the point.

A few quick notes.

1.  The Lona Crops literally go with everything.  Yes, they look busy, but all my plain green, blue, purple tanks I usually pair with boring black pants go amazingly well with it.  I think Justin needs to buy me the remaining colors of these, what do you think?

Lona Crop Barcelona


Lona Crop Amazon


2.  Only because it was getting to be 85 degrees outside did I finally decide to take off the Taylor Hoodie.  Remember that blankie you cuddled up with at night when you were Gentry’s age?  It’s now in the form of a hoodie.

Taylor Hoody Motion Burnout


3.  Loved the design of the graphic tee for days that were a little too cold for a razorback, but a little too warm for my hoodie.  Not to mention all the fun statements on them.

Graphic Tee Cyprus


Graphic Tank Amazon


Graphic Tank Storm


Now that you are clearing space in your closet, I have good news!  Soybu has offered to give one of my readers a free pair of the Lona Crops.  Now you can share in my obsession!  I thought I’d set this up to announce the winner on Mother’s Day, although you do not need to be a mother to enter.

Enter below… and sorry for the million ways to enter.  The more you do, the better the Mother’s Day you could have!

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19 thoughts on “Soybu Mother’s Day Giveaway

  1. Erika S. says:

    I NEED that hoodie! Those pants look super comfy too, but I would love them even more if your muscular legs came with them 😉

  2. Lanette says:

    This seems like stitch fix for yogis ! Holy cow I so need some of these soybu clothes! You aLways look so stylish emma in your work out gear

  3. Christy B says:

    In love with the Lona Crop Amaryllis…. and the hoodie has a strong chance of making it into my cart as well!

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