Giveaway Winner and Race 13.1 Recap

Happy Mother’s Day!


My weekend involved racing, a new pair of running shoes and my two princesses.  What else would make me happy?

I ran Race 13.1’s first Richmond race.  It took place around the Richmond International Race track and it was TOUGH.  Hills… you know my treadmill never goes about .5% incline (that’s a “.” in front of the 5) and gravel… haven’t found that option on the ‘mill either.

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you’ve come to know how fantastic I am at documenting races.  Here is my only picture.


The rest will be stolen from Jen.  So happy to have finally met her as we’ve been stalking each other (legally) online and at races for some time now.  She runs ZOOMA in 2 weeks so go check out her blog and wish her luck!

I stole this next picture from her instagram account.  Again, go give her some loving.  Here are all the 1st-4th place girls.


This was no PR.  In fact, the only PR that was set was the number of unlady-like words that went through my head throughout the entire course.  Maybe I’ll bump that incline up a little more before next year’s race.

What will the rest of the weekend consist of….


Now for the real important stuff… Congrats to my SOYBU Giveaway winner.

Andrea S. from @fitliferun

Even if you didn’t win, tell the hubby you did and order this awesomeness, which just happens to be the motto for Race 13.1.

Graphic Tank Storm

Donations will also be accepted over here in the Moyer Household.

Happy Mother’s Day!

What’s on your agenda?

3 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner and Race 13.1 Recap

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    You are an animal!!!! I love that you freakin’ won the whole damn thing even if you were thinking bad thoughts 🙂 I also love Jen and I’m jealous you got to meet her. Can we ALL please meet up already??? The three of us would make a great team!

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