A Food Experiment- Care to Join?

I’ve been posting a lot on unnecessary things creeping into our foods recently

soy protein isolate

protein bars


almond milk

I have been watching WAY too many Youtube videos from the authors of each other major “lifestyle diet” plans out there.  Click on each name and watch the videos (if you have an extra 10 hours).


(animal products but no grains, legumes, dairy, potatoes, sugar, etc.)


(no animal products at all)

Anti-plant based

(heavy plant-based diet but animal products deemed necessary)

Anti Wheat


Starch Solution

(grains and plants)

Clean Eating 

(all things, just clean)


It has really shaken me.  Why are so many people such huge advocates for OPPOSITE theories?

 “This 100% worked for me when nothing else did.”

or someone else referencing a totally different diet

“I can’t believe I could ever feel this good eating this way.”

On one hand, I don’t want to overanalyze everything I put into my mouth.  On the other hand, I want to make sure everything I put into my mouth is good.  My hypothesis- no one “plan” works for everyone.  So, I considered adopting this thought

Maybe replace nicotine with peanut butter

Then I thought why not turn Justin and I into an experiment.  He’s always willing to try anything, that’s why I married him.  So starting in March, we will take one month to literally follow each diet mentioned above.  I am going to document grocery lists, grocery bills, how we feel, what we’ve been eating, etc.  At the end of this experiment, we are going to decide for ourselves which works best for our lifestyle.

Throughout that month, I’ll be posting all the material I research and learn.  Be sure to follow along and share with anyone you think may be interested in learning more about all the “lifestyles” out there.

Also, if you have a “lifestyle” you’d like for us to try, comment below.  Of course, we are only picking the theories that have some sort of real health to them.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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Any lifestyle you’d like for us to research/try?




10 thoughts on “A Food Experiment- Care to Join?

  1. Tina Muir says:

    Good for you Emma! Interesting idea, and I will definitely follow on to see how you get on, but I am afraid I cannot do that with my running…..would not be a great idea! I will support you though!

  2. RunStretchGo says:

    I love this idea, Emma! But I totally agree a lot of it has to do with individual preferences, and the way their body reacts. I know several people who have gone vegan (completely plant based) and went back to eating fish or poultry because they found themselves eating too much crap to try to get the right amount of protein or calories.

  3. Carrie says:

    I tried a meatless march when my husband and I were newlyweds and broke. Saved me a lot of money because we are a lot of pasta and beans. I was a marathon coach, special ed teacher with highly active students, and on a masters swim team. I could eat anything and still stay skinny. Bring on the pasta!!! Anyhow my husband had a fit. Had I not told him it was meatless march he might have been ok and not noticed. He is completely against any special diets and quite frankly I think I am too!!! Everything in moderation.

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